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Investment opportunity

American Hustler's mission, is to offer high quality American apparel, in an assortment of sizes and styles, to accommodate all varying body styles and shapes.

American Hustler is a great brand name, that speaks to everyone.
To become the leader in our target markets, we want everything about the brand to project excellence. An excellent product, excellent modern designs, excellent packaging, excellent customer service. The long term goal is for American Hustler to become the next big fashion brand in the US.


Keys to Success
In order to succeed in the online apparel industry, as well as grow for retail stores, American Hustler must:
• Social media campaigns - Facebook offers/ads & page. Instagram posts, Twitter ads.
• Industry support - Build our team of professional & amateur representatives
• Competition & Events - Go to competitions, have a booth and sell at the booth.
Attend major apparel trade shows, such as magic.
• Blog Posts - Blog posts work on search engine optimization and drive users, also have experts write articles. Especially t-shirt bloggers.
• Email Marketing - Offer updates about post, product offers, and overall insight
on the website. We have a great app that automatically does this. 
• Search Engine - Search engines have high competition, so we will work on SEO and being at the top of search engine listings.
• Boutiques, online stores – Visit small independent boutiques to carry the brand.
• Famous people - Send the brand to famous athletes and other celebrities.

American hustler must also carry an assortment of sizes and have the designer brand shirts ready to print, to cover all orders and keep the turn around less than 14 days.
• Provide customers with top notch personalized customer service.
• Advertise and promote in areas that our target customer base will learn about our brand.
• Continuously review our inventory and sales and adjust our inventory levels


Company Locations and Facilities
American Hustler will be an online retail store with our kiosk in LA, with the goal of working towards having our headquarters and store front.

Competitions & events
We feel it is essential to our initial and ongoing success that we locate ourselves in the heartbeat of the pool and poker community, by attending all of the national events and major state championships, the poker world series in Las Vegas.

We would also like to attend all of the major clothing and apparel shows and work at getting the brand out there, all major buyers for the major retailers will be at these events. This is up to 30 events a year in total.

Orders & Deliveries
All business deliveries and shipments will be handled through the store. The company office will also be housed at this location.

American Hustler will carry 100% American made apparel, the apparel is the best quality on the market and the 2 main key selling points of the brand.


Product Description
American Hustler will provide apparel of the highest quality, this will be our mission statement. Our goal is to carry the best product on the
market and to create a label that can have designs in any industry under the American Hustler brand label.

Competitive Comparison
American Hustler has a number of advantages that will allow us to build our
brand identity, add value to our merchandise and build a loyal customer base while standing apart from our competitors.


Sales Literature

American Hustler will use a targeted advertising and sales program to generate
publicity and build a customer base and by sponsoring all of the national tours and some pro players, we will get 100% market exposure very quick for a minimum investment.

A company that John has been speaking to in regards to building a sales force. 

Hi John and happy Monday.

It was great talking to you last week and learning more about your business projects and products. As promised, I've looked at American Hustler USA, and I have several ideas and strategy-related comments about the site structure, content, traffic and traffic sources, building the brand and its reputation, and how to reach and acquire qualified resellers and strategic partners across the US and even abroad if you're interested (e.g. malls etc..).

But before I go any further, I need to know the following:
  1. How many salespeople do you currently have in your team? If, let's say, we bring you 100 potential partners and resellers today, do you have the men power to call them all and negotiate your terms of agreements, commissions, etc.. with them within a week?
  2. We can help you screen, interview, and hire "on the ground" commission-based sales agents in the 50 states and create training materials for them to sell American Hustler USA products to stores nationally. This will help them sell more and faster. Are you interested in this? In most cases, we also do create the contracts for these folks and we handle everything from training to managing their activities and setting up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sales meetings with them. Have you done something similar in the past?
  3. We'll need to use a CRM system to manage the data we'll upload for American Hustler USA, to track and manage sales activities, and to automate some aspects of the process and the sales cycle itself. Are you opposed to using a CRM system? If not, do you have any preferences? we highly recommend salesforce because we can develop and customize anything we want inside it. We can train you on how to use it too. If not, we can use a different system that you like better.
  4. Do you have a list of noticeable clients and testimonials you can share? any video testimonials? If not, we'll be interested to get you those as soon as possible.
  5. We may have some international athletes and public figures who can wear American Hustler USA. I worked with a number of boxers, Muaythai fighters, and some of these are continental and world champions. Are you interested in the international market? We can sell these to gyms around the globe.


Technology & Stock
Retail apparel establishments have a tendency to have a high number of SKU's
because of the level of inventory. It is imperative that an advanced inventory and point of sales program be utilized to maintain stock levels and track sales.

We have recently changed our business model, by having the blank shirts ready to print, we will always have the stock ready to print. This program will be monitored by which designs are selling the best, thus which ones we print, and which designs we fade out.

Our business plan will be generated and reviewed on a 6 month basis. This will allow us to make the most of our limited marketing budget by focusing our communications on our target markets and enhancing our marketing knowledge.

Future Products
As we achieve and exceed our sales and profitability goals, American Hustler will add products to our product line . We will expand our line of designs by testing the new designs on a test basis, with those that have been repeatedly requested by our customers then proceeding to be sold nationally to the retail stores. Some designs will be exclusive to our boutiques or online stores only.

We will be focusing on the following designs, MMA, USA themed, Military & Veteran, Hustle & hard working. We will look to have many new designs on a regular basis, with pre- orders and special offers to order early. This way we will know how much to print initially, and how much stock to keep our minimums, so we are never over stocked. 


Relocating to LA

There is an opportunity for us to have a kiosk at a brand new popular mall, the kiosk is located right next to Nike, Urban Outfitters and Sephora. We have been given a great price at only $2000 a month, ($66 a day) we would need to sell 4 t-shirts a day to break even. 

Los Angeles is the clothing hub for the US, and is where a lot of major brands have came from. Lee was advised in August by a retail industry expert to move to LA if he wants the brand to be a success. 

John Bertone

For people who know the Kamui brand in pool, John is the guy who has built the brand to what it is in the USA. He has been a great friend for over 10 years. John came up to me in 2015 and said to me, "this is going to be a huge brand one day, I love the name" He also mentioned he had someone he wanted to show the brand to, a guy who was huge in the apparel industry. 

Fast forward to August 2019 at the APA nationals, John now congratulates me on winning my lawsuit with Larry Flynt, and then calls the guy he mentioned to me in 2015. Over the next few days, I met Terry, and had numerous meetings. Since then Terry has spoken to Wal-mart and Zumiez, got us a great account for high quality hoodies, and spoken to numerous stores about the brand. He also advised me to move to LA if I want to make the brand big. 


John has been talking to many people and companies, and said we need to get this kiosk, and get me to re-locate to LA. John has also helped us set up our printing at a great cost, all of our product is sourced in LA, so we would save on shipping costs, turn around times, and many other things. 


Shares and Risk Reward

The shares are being sold at $0.50 per share, there are 1 million shares in the corporation. We estimate we will only be initially selling 30,000 shares, this will cover the relocating to LA, and setting up the kiosk. 

There are no guarantees with any investment, but the upside of the brand is huge. Grunt Style has made 100 million, Nine Line makes $50,000 a day, we strongly believe American Hustler has the potential to be as big, if not bigger. 


Share certificate

Each investor will be issued a share certificate with their name, amount of shares at what cost each share is, the certificate is signed and stamped with the American Hustler corporate company seal. 



This will be a private share offering, one day we would do an IPO if we need to raise extra capital, the IPO would have the shares at a much higher price than what we are asking for now. 


Share Sales Window

The share window will close once the 30,000 shares have been sold. The window will open from Friday February 21st 2020.

Minimum Share Purchase

The minimum shares to purchase would be 1000 ($500) the reason we are doing this is, we don't want to have many many shareholders and people just wanting $50, $100 etc.


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Investment opportunity

Investment opportunity